Transformers and substations are electrical equipment that has to be installe on any premises. These regulate the power flow within the entire premise or even a town-ship. Always approach the best option like Foshan Noah Electrical Co. Ltd.

Compact Transformer

Safety and performance are the two most important factors you should consider when selecting a Compact Transformer and substation. There are other technical aspects that you may need to consider.

KVA rating

This rating depends on the total input and output power supply you need. Always follow the local regulations that have been approve. Compact Substation and transformers may have fixed ratings.

Connection and ratio

Compact Substation

What type of connections are you going to use within the premises? In general, there are two types- single and three-phase. Based on this factor you have to decide on the right compact substation or transformer unit.

Voltage taps

In case the ratio has to be changed, then taps are use. There will always be a difference between high and low-voltage windings. The change is mainly done to compensate for this difference. You can consult a professional technical team before selecting an ideal compact transformer.

Finally, it is also important to focus on the body design. This is important as you will be installing the units at a fixed location on the premises. If the dimensions don’t match then installation might not be possible.

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